Wednesday, July 12, 2006

UK Political Blogging coverage continues

And the coverage/fallout from UK bloggers versus Prescott/MSM/whatever continues.
Guido Fawkes (Paul) and Slugger (Mick) were on Radio Ulster (MP3 file) this morning. Slugger's (Mick Fealty) prep notes for the interview are interesting reading.
BBC Radio 5's Up All Night slot on Pods and Blogs also discussed the issue with Iain Dale and Emily Bell (editor of Guardian Unlimited) and you can listen here - with an interesting aside on bloggers ego's. (why aren't the BBC podcasting this feature rather than strangling us to have to listen on their media player????)
The Press Gazette reflects here. And yesterday I forgot to link to Emily Bell's cautious piece on bloggers and what they have added to this story.
You might notice I am only really interested in the reflections/discussions on the impact of blogs in UK politics and not the 'target' or validity of the information being leaked/discussed/produced.
I am also interested in that not many Irish blogs are discussing what is happening in UK blogland at all! Only Slugger and myself have paid the issue any heed - of course if you have commented/blogged on this you can leave a comment and let me know. being so unwieldy at moment (for me anyway) I have not found anything yet.
I wonder how long it will take Irish blogs to reach the stage where MSM journalists are hanging onto someone's every word. Also how long before some MSM journalist or editor starts shooting off saying bloggers are loose canons, not to be trusted, or allergic to fact checking. How long before some injured MSM party is subjecting us to an indepth expose of a blogger and his or her private life and trying to diss us all as hobbyists. And some of us are already dissing our own potential? Or at least stirring their cauldrons...


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