Thursday, July 06, 2006

UK political bloggers take the stage

  • There is a whole load of blogging going on in the UK at the moment on John Prescott, the dome owning billionaire he had free jaunts with, how many extra-marital affairs he has had and with whom, why has he not resigned or been asked to walk the plank by now (Seems he has a lot of dirt on Tony Blair). And finally there is a lot of talk by MSM types on ‘who the hell do these bloggers think they are getting away with this naming when we can’t do it’.  

Hard to point you in the direction of one piece that sums it all up. Matt Wells in the Guardian provides a piece which is forms a good launch pad through where you can read about how Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale and others have been stirring it up, Iain Dale is defending himself in the Guardian’s Comment is free.  Nick Robinson and Paul Mason of the BBC reflect on political bloggers and their new influence/lack of credibility/Americanisation.


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