Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Links

  • Peter Tatchell is complaining about the Sun calling Ronaldo (the Portuguese one!) a nancy boy. Eh Peter on Saturday you were calling Benny Ratz a Queen?

The Independent (UK) covers the story here. Trust Peter to defend the most reviled Portuguese man in the UK.

  • I’m awaiting the release of Podshow +, a new delivery system for podcasts and podsafe music. While we wait we get to see Adam Curry poke at the screen and wave to us eejits.

  • Money does not buy happiness, but extra sex can make you feel a whole lot richer.  Waits for the next ESRI survey which incorporates tool (bad choice of word) for analysing relative sexual poverty and absolute sexual poverty – Richard will be interested too as he does not believe in poverty – or the way its monitored and reported anyway!

  • The 14th Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival was launched last week. You can find out details of the festival here. This years honoured openers? Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan – of the KAL Case. So no McDowell then – ah shucks what a pity – maybe he would have been able to tell us about all the gay couples he has met since who do want marriage, despite telling those who turned up to listen to him that he didn’t know anyone... I  might be tempted to go see a few movies this year after last years boycott. We’ll see.  


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