Saturday, June 17, 2006

And she's back...

Eh meant to mention - I am back in the land of the superfast I have broadband again.

So answers to 'do I feel more female?', 'is the HRT working?', and a rundown on my first purchase of 'supplies' will be forthcoming. (I kid you not, the questions I am getting are hilarious if genuine!)

Also back to blogging (that didn't take long) is Mental Meanderings


At 14:08, Anonymous morgan said...

Yay! Glad you're switched on again.

At 18:28, Anonymous Sean R said...

Welcome back Maman Poulet, ur gay bunny in Blanch missed ya!

At 08:51, Blogger Suzy said...

thanks...having broadband also means i can work more from home, that'll come first before the blog for a few days.

At 10:21, Blogger gulingfuling said...

Hey there!
We found your blog and will eagerly follow it. :)


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