Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whose Crisis is it Anyway

Today's spin is Fianna Fail Ministers finally appearing in the media denying there is a crisis. Was the plot to let Michael McDowell stew for a few days, make him and Mary Harney look bad and then have Fianna Fail Ministers to come to the rescue saying 'its not our fault gov, it's the Supreme Court..,honest...' Any moment now we'll have the phrase 'activist judges' or something. (ok I'm kidding, but listening to Cowan and Lenihan today I felt it coming!!!) - Yes that's Brian Lenihan Jnr. our Minister for Children, appearing on day 3 of the crisis.

By the way there are a few politicians appearing before the Mahon Tribunal at the moment and they seem to be having awful trouble with their memories. Such an opportune time to be disclosing this when few are watching Dublin Castle as all eyes turn to the Four Courts.


At 13:32, Anonymous Sean R said...

Pete from Big Brother 7 has a particular word for describing Fianna Fail Minister, wot's that you say Pete?


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