Friday, May 26, 2006

Will somebody think of the children?

Continuing my live blogging of the Conference on the Legal Status of Cohabitants and Same Sex Couples….

Lunch was grand altogether – due to smoking break before hand I ended up at a table of those who don’t know each other – but it was enjoyable.

All morning you’d think there was not a child in the country parented by a cohabitant/cohabitee or a same sex couple.  This was of concern to many of the female delegates – one of the guest speakers even hinted at the possibility of leaving childrens issues separate to any proposed legislation on providing rights for cohabitants and same sex couples.

Baroness Hale is righting this situation with her paper – where she is talking about the unique situation of where the UK got the situation right the first time in the Civil Partnerships Act. She feels that some of her judicial colleagues still don’t know how lesbians and gay men make babies…


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