Friday, May 26, 2006

Is it time for tea yet?

Claire L'Huereux Dube, Judge In Residence, Laval University, Quebec is speaking now.

Ah a feminist, a plain enough speaker for a lawyer, a democrat, a breath of fresh air.

The Gardai have been in to take a report, whether the demonstrators were separated fathers or Ancient Order of Hibernian types I am not so sure. There was a bit of ‘why are you giving our children to the homosexuals, Minister’ going on, so its hard to establish exactly which side they were on. A bit of waving of the constitution and tearing up of papers and throwing about of a jug of water. McDowell seemed quite happy about it all.

Down the back a member of the Mother and Child Campaign was videoing the brouhaha…so maybe they were AOH types.

Anyway the show went on….

My request for wifi access was treated with welcome, and indeed the Equality Authority person knew what a blog was!

Where there will be time for audience participation in this conference I am not sure…I fear we might have to wait until the end and of course what happens here is that everyone goes home early and people don’t want to say much because they feel they are delaying everyone.

We shall see.      

Update: So the AOH is now over here…it was them demonstrating ….


At 13:02, Anonymous Donagh said...

Very nice blog. Good to have the latest information on the ground. Thanks for leaving the comment and I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.


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