Sunday, May 07, 2006

Loin Cloths to the ready?

Thinking about my earlier post on girding loins, I googled and found this perfectly accurate explanation.

'I conclude that loingirding is a gendered activity. Men gird their loins because they are embarking on some strenuous male activity, fighting, running, travelling or showing off. Women could gird their loins as easily as men, and it would not be unfeminine to have a belt in one's wardrobe. But social gendering excludes loingirding from among typically female activities.'

With thanks to David JA Clines

Please note this is not my attempt to initiate a men versus women debate etc. Just getting a bit Etymological for moment! Come on CE! Pity we could not have organised a live blog of the interview or a drinking game or something!


At 18:08, Blogger Copernicus said...

I prefer to swaddle my loins rather than gird them, unless things are really going to get crazy.

Didn't get to see Turbridy, alas, as I was busy partying hearty all over town.

May 9 kick off eh? Does this mean I have to start buying the Indo?

Oh God.


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