Monday, April 24, 2006 is for sale

Would you pay $2 million for a domain name – even if were

The owners of the domain name are putting it up for sale. went for $14 million earlier this year it seems.

I don’t think it’s worth the money. I fail to see what businesses or NGO’s other than porn sites would be interested. Porn sites had tried to buy the name before and the owners had refused but this time round they may not be so hesitant if the price is right. So let them off, in 2006 the surfers are more savvy, the lesbian audiences more diverse and there is a lot more choice available. But if the sellers can sleep easy in their beds knowing that their site, which lists first in a google search for lesbian, will bring those seeking information to internet porn then I wish them many healthy nights ahead.


At 19:47, Blogger straighttalker05 said...

And I thought mine was expensive at £12.99 a year.

At 20:07, Blogger Colm said...

hopefully it wont be the end of the story, if they do what the seller of did
then it might help them sleep at night...

great blog btw

At 22:23, Blogger Lazy Hazy said...

Call me cynical but having read the story I wonder if it's been put out deliberately to get dykes scrabbling round to raise the money when they've no intention of selling to porn business but want as much as they can get from commercial lesbian concerns? But yeah ... I agree, I wish them many happy nights of sleep.


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