Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dunnes Stores does Warsaw

Spotted in Dunnes Stores in Tallaght. It seems they are targetting Polish shoppers with goods from the old country. Dumplings and frozen fruits I think?

So whilst scrambling for the phone to take a snap I thought of my monthly trips to a shop in Leytonstone whilst a student nurse. It was a Greek Cypriot shop and it had an amazing range of Irish goods. On payday myself and other Irish nurses living in the nearby nurses home would head up for the important supplies. Tayto, kimberly biscuits, red lemonade and galtee sausages. Strange now nearly 18 years on that I have not bought any of the above items in years.

There is a Polish supermarket in Clondalkin which I aim to visit before I become a lilywhite next month. And maybe I can bring my real camera this time!


At 20:54, Blogger straighttalker05 said...

Maybe Lidl will do a special Polish week?

At 00:52, Anonymous EWI said...




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