Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday Not Such Good Food

Another quickie review of a restaurant’s daily special menu. This time it’s Luigi Malones. Good Friday is a weird day, no pubs open but lots of other places are. Many restaurants were closed yesterday and it did not seem to have much to do with licencing laws as to whether which were closed and which were not. I popped my head into Fallon and Byrne’s Foodhall which opened this week in Exchequer Street. I hear there will be a restaurant here, there is a café bar with high stools in one part of it which was not what we were looking for. Apart from thinking Morgan and his camera would have a great time taking pics of the fruit and veg stall, we did not have a good look inside and I will be back next week once my back is up to walking around.

We decided to head to Temple Bar and I suggested Luigi Malones given that I had seen a sign earlier in the week that said it was open on Good Friday and had heard good things about it from my ex and her sister who eat there regularly.

Well yesterday it had all the hallmarks of a tourist trap on a Good Friday. Many tables filled with tourists who had nowhere else to go. The service was attentive and the daily specials menu seemed good value with different Mexican, pasta, burger and noodle dishes on offer with a soft drink included for €9.90.

I ordered the chicken ramen noodles – this was a mistake really. If you eat at Wagamama or Yamamori then having ramen dishes anywhere else is a mistake. The dish was heavy on the noodles and light on the veg and the stock tasted very fishy. The chicken looked like salmon which is always a bad sign.

My friend had the chicken tequila fettuccine which was heavy on the pasta and light on the sauce. See a trend here? Whilst there is no doubt then food is cheap and there seems to be good value on offer on the menu there are other places in Dublin which do budget menus well and don’t make you feel like you are a cheapskate and they are treating you likewise.

We couldn’t wait to get out of the place and headed to Lemon Jelly for a spot of tea and watching the world go by.


At 17:28, Blogger Auds said...

I gave up on Luigi Malones a long time ago after 3 seperate occasions, I was chased down the street by different waiters demanding another 10 euro. This despite paying full bill and leaving a good tip.
When I paid by credit card it was grand, but after forking out another 10 euro on top of my cash payment (in full), I felt enough was enough.
And the thing that really galled me was that it never happened anywhere else, and 1 of those 3 times was actually in Stillorgan. It was a scary LM trend.

At 02:12, Anonymous morgan said...

Ewww. Chicken that looks like salmon :(

Good Friday is weird here in NSW, too. It's a public holiday and all the supermarkets and shops are closed, but some of the pubs and restaurants open, which makes it as strictly observed here as Christmas Day.

I'm considering getting a digital SLR camera to use instead of my digital point-and-shoot, btw.

At 10:48, Blogger Suzy said...

Morgan that is all gobbedly gook to me - Does it mean you will be taking even more wonderful pictures???

At 15:31, Blogger Mark Dowling said...

I think they should think about switching the public holiday from Monday to Friday - it would reflect the reality that a lot of the country shuts down anyway - but that would get in the way of the boozing and horse racing I suppose. Here in Canada civil servants and banks take both days but everyone else just gets Friday.

At 23:04, Anonymous morgan said...

A digital SLR is one of those big black cameras with professional-looking lenses. Point and shoot cameras are small and fit in your pocket, but you can't do as much with them - especially zooming for long shots, or close-ups.

Thanks for the comment about my pictures! It'll be a month or two before I get a fancy new camera...


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