Saturday, April 08, 2006

A little not so light reading and listening

  • The Women’s Environment and Development Organisation have launched a new project MisFortune500 (geddit?) which will "expose how corporate activities violate women's human rights, workers' rights and the environment and highlight what women worldwide are doing about it."

You can email your testimonies/nominations etc. to

  • Rachel Maddow from Air America interviews a New York Times Magazine writer about his recent trip to El Salvador where he found police standing by the beds of women who had illegal abortions and were in comas. Listen here. (The article on which the interview is based will be online tomorrow - update link to article here (Hattip: Mulley) Much of what happens in El Salvador could happen in Ireland except we don’t have people taking women’s uterui (sp?) into evidence or Forensic Vaginal Specialists. Do we? Rachel tells us that the representative of Human Life International describes the situation in El Salvador as ‘an inspiration’.

  • As South Dakota’s women prepare to have no access to abortion, a 70 year old doctor came out of retirement to provide a service to women in the one remaining clinic in the state. You can watch her interview and read more here.

  • The Carnival of the Feminists XII is hosted at Written World, if you have nothing to do of an afternoon and want to see what feminists are talking about in their blogs under different themes this is a great stop off point.

(Hat Tips to Feministing)


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