Friday, March 31, 2006

Podcasting Friday

Eirepreneur says it must be podcasting Friday and so it must be as I have been cooking, writing and cleaning whilst playing with Itunes and figuring out the OPML thingy that  no doubt Liam Burke and others have been working on with great  diligence. I still don’t have an Ipod or MP3 player – a new years resolution that went out the window, but I am listening to more podcasts.

Today I heard David Norris presenting this mornings edition of the Eamon Dunphy Show on Newstalk 106, I followed that by listening to Jeremy Paxman presenting this weeks highlights of BBC 2’s Newsnight.  I then watched last nights ABC’s World News Tonight webcast.  I caught up on the latest episode of Eat Feed which was all about Lamb and Anne Bramley mentioned a new podcast aggregator type service called the Culinary Podcast Network where one can find a one stop shop for culinary podcasts. Whoopee!!!  

The Culinary Podcast Network is a group of passionate gastronomes; some of us are professional chefs, and others obsessed gourmands. We've collected some of the finest quality food podcasts available on the web, so you can get all of them here in one place, hot out of the oven!

So that was my afternoon’s entertainment. I wonder if Bibliocook will ever join them?


At 18:58, Anonymous Liam said...

Hi Suzy, pity about not having an MP3 player... yet anywho... Think you might be interested in the following link , just expand the + and you'll find your favourite podcasts and be able to listen to them in the browser by clicking the speaker icon.

At 19:03, Blogger Suzy said...

liam! this is great..adds to favourites... thank you!!!

At 19:20, Anonymous Liam said...

No problem, if you want to add anymore just email me, be nice to do this for all Irish bloggers, see what they like to listen to... now just to find the time...

At 12:54, Anonymous Sinéad said...

Suzy, I missed this post in the flurry of the last few weeks of work.
Good call on the food podcast idea, I'll add an edit in to my post about it.

At 16:10, Anonymous Caroline@Bibliocook said...

I'm also an Eat Feed fan but thanks for the tip-off about the Culinary Podcast Network...I've spent a large chunk of the morning downloading and listening! Just as well, since RTÉ's Winter Food has recently ended - not a huge fan of Clodagh McKenna but at least it's a food coverage on RTÉ.


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