Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cat gets ASBO

Snigger… Cat from Connecticut gets placed under house arrest.

Lewis has a reputation for preying on people including the Avon Lady. You can watch a story about it here or read about it on The Register. I’m sure its not much fun being attacked and the wounds look very sore but he’s probably bored out of his brain. And as I know to my cost, some cat attacks are about showing love…deep claw digging love!!!

What would Minister McDowell suggest in such a situation? Answers in the comments please!


At 13:47, Anonymous Sean R said...

LOL. Such an over-reaction.

As mother to five cats, they don't attack people randomly, only when they're angry or afraid. If neighbours were tormenting the animal, its no wonder that the cat acted out. Its part of life to deal with animals' behaviours, so get a life Ms Ketterman (or buy some knee-length boots if you don't have them already!)

The cat could have a fictional blog life as an ASBO deviant. Example: cat does Ricki Lake

"My purrfect life as an ASBO deliquent"

Ricki: how did you do time kitty?

ASBOCat (behind screen while audience boos kitty): Reading the muewspaper, musing on running for congress, purrfecting my plan to blame the dog for my crime, and other fishy topics...

Yeah, it could happen!

Is March the silly season still?


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