Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bootboy kicks around the art of blogging

Ah Dermod, you hit the nail again. (And you made me laugh today too – thank you!)

“The self-obsession of bloggers knows no bounds. Their sick, narcissistic pastime of monitoring who has been visiting their monstrous creations, and discovering who has been linking to them, becomes the hollow-hearted, rock-bottom near-psychotic activity that reduces hitherto noble human beings to depraved, round-eyed, sleep-deprived obsessives. That’s when I sought help, when I was buzzing with sick pleasure, fooling myself that I was making a network of new online friends and acquaintances in Ireland, enabling me to return after 13 years away, and not feel like the geek freak that you know me to really be. That’s when I found you, my friends, and I was saved.”


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