Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank you Minister

I’ve been having restless nights of late like the Minister, but I would like to thank Michael McDowell T.D. for making my restless nights a little more bearable. The one and only time I think I will thank the Minister for anything – unless he cocks up again.

Ok so he has since apologised to Richard Bruton and withdrawn the horrendous jibe made at John Gormley and talked about playing the man and not the ball etc. (Which PR guru thought up that one?)

The real reason for this post is to point you in the direction of Vincent Browne on Monday Night…oh glee does not represent the atmosphere in Montrose that night. You can listen to it here (realplayer required – about 10 minutes in.)

And many of us have been waiting for this day and we are entitled to our little moment of glee. Richard feels he might top the poll in Dublin South East and maybe there is a grain or two of truth in that but I think the Minister will think again before losing it.  He may still be able to operate in such a manner under Dáil privilege with the assistance of the Ceann Comhairle but he is not taking part in L&H debates and I think he finally realises that.


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