Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lesbians on the Television and this time they are married

Update: - The full interview can be viewed through the link on the Late Late Show's webpage. (Real Player required.)
Another moment in the history of lesbians on Irish Television last night. Katherine Zappone and Anne Louise Gilligan appeared on The Late Late Show to talk about their marriage. What was so different about this was that they are already married. It’s done. Their case is about the recognition of their foreign marriage. They did however outline so clearly that it is about a whole lot more than that.

Whilst they could not talk in detail about their forthcoming high court case on 3 October, they talked about how they met, they located their relationship within the context of human rights and movingly they talked about their love for each other. They weren’t just doing this for themselves, they mentioned younger people coming out after them and the importance of this issue for them.

Auds is probably happy enough as there were people in the audience who opposed same sex marriage. RTE does balance. Susan Philips (ah yes there she is again) a well known member of the Church of Ireland and Sean Mullen from Evangelical Alliance of Ireland were in the audience. Interesting that both of them were not Roman Catholic. Susan told Katherine and Anne Louise that they should consider themselves lucky that they lived in Ireland. This was when the audience laughed at her (after being told there was not a dogs chance of having same sex marriage because Dev made sure the family was based on marriage). And the laughter from the audience at Susan Philips meant this was when gay and lesbian Ireland probably breathed a bit easier. At the end of the interview the majority of the audience indicated that they would vote for constitutional change. Quite unscientific I know but the applause and shouts of support at the end were good to hear.

There is a table quiz on Wednesday 15th March in aid of the Kalcase initiative. It’s on in the Front Lounge at 8pm and is organised by the Labour LGBT group. I’ll be there.


At 19:26, Blogger Damian McNicholl said...

Interesting post--thanks for sharing. Good on the girls.

At 01:25, Blogger EWI said...

Phillips' "performance" was entirely typical of the woman (yes, I've known about her for years).

At 01:43, Anonymous fústar said...

I'm quite pissed...but just wanted to say that...em...let me gather my thoughts...that people laughing at creaky old bigots is always a good thing. Laughter is a great force for good (in such situations)...suggesting, as it does, that the person we are laughing AT is full to the gills of shit.

At 01:58, Blogger Suzy said...

Hi Fustar! How's the head, head?

Yes laughter is indeed a great force for good and last night at the table quiz Katherine and Anne Louise were appreciated by over 250 people in attendance at the quiz in aid of their campaign. And there was much laughter and a lot of smiles too.


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