Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Bloscars

So the big day is here, cruelty to Barbies averted, (the barbies have not been spray painted according to Damien on Dave Fannings Show on Thursday). That Girl and Red Mum have been pondering internet anonymity with two very thought provoking posts. Lots of us are going to see what each other looks like tonight and that comfort zone is going to be shifted a bit.

The awards have provided the basis for some interesting conversations over the past few days.

‘No I can’t go on Saturday.’

Incredulous reply (Maman Poulet does not usually go anywhere on a Saturday.)

‘Why not?’

‘Because I’m going to the Irish Blog Awards.’

‘The What Awards?’

‘The Irish Blog Awards – it’s a computer thing’

And there I backed out of going any further because it would take too long and anyway it’s my space. And I don’t mean my blog as such but my interest in blogging. I wonder for others if the awards ceremony is lending some support/comfort to guilty bloggers.

I mean those of us who read and read other blogs, craft our pieces and think about our blog on the bus or the Luas, or those who carry a camera to capture something ‘that’d be good to put on the blog when I get home.’ This weeks UK research (by Google) that indicated people are using the internet more than watching TV certainly made me feel a whole lot better about myself anyway. :-)

And the Irish Times piece yesterday (helpfully republished by GUBU) has meant that I might not have to explain myself too much more about what a blog is. Maybe next Monday’ s feature in the main pages will make it even easier again. Fustar ponders the MSM coverage of the awards. And yes I too have had those worries about how they have been covering it.

I’m looking forward to meeting ye all and then disappearing back behind the screen.

And (to the tune of Eminem’s Slim Shady) I wonder if the Real Twenty Major will please stand up…or will it be the person formerly known as Twenty Major, or will it be his agent as surely he is the Irish blooker of the future.

Thanks Damien for all the hard work and also for the profile given to blogging and for the chance for some of us to dress up (casually not so smart for me I fear!)

Update: Twenty Major has indicated he is sending a representative…yeah like we believe that.


At 10:21, Anonymous fústar said...

I too have been busy fielding questions about my weekend activities, and can now perform my "explain what a blog is in 30 seconds or less" speech with ease.

Just out of the bed, grabbing a bag, and preparing to head for the train. Time for us all to 'out' ourselves I guess...although, as you say, we can all retreat behind the screen when the dust settles.

At 11:53, Blogger Auds said...

I'm not going and to be honest, feel quite comfortable about it even though I would like to be part of that craic.


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