Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No kissing in Blarney....or maybe we could organise a snog or two

Well done to Myra McGuirk and Eileen Twomey for taking and winning their case (reg. req.) against Malone's Bar in Blarney – thats MALONE's BAR in BLARNEY, CO. CORK! (Name and Shame!) (An earlier report on the story is available here.)

However I feel a whole lot of kissing coming on.

The bar owner does not have to pay any damages to the couple because Judge Patrick Clyne thought that the women should have remembered they were in Blarney and not Dublin or Amsterdam.

Oh no we don't do dat down dere do we...?? And what's this with telling lesbians how they should behave so they won't be thrown out of pubs.

How about a queer snogging bus tour around Ireland? Stopping off throughout the land to kiss, embrace and otherwise demonstrate that being lesbian or gay and showing affection for your partner is something that should be able to happen anywhere and that it does happen everywhere. I suggest the tour starts in Blarney where the merry group rejoin to Malone's Bar following kissing practise at the Blarney Stone.

Update: Fiona presents the legal science bit here and has more information on Judge Clyne.


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