Thursday, March 02, 2006

Spring is sprung...

Some Links to start the month….

New food blogger Tea and Cookies documents her decent/assent into blogging! It’s very funny, don’t eat anything whilst reading it or you might choke! It’s full of reasons why I would never make a good food blogger!

Another good round up of blogs about the Dublin riots can be found on Blurred Keys.

Aidan Culhane, Labour Candidate in Dublin South is blogging. Useless information -  I once contested an election with Aidan for a position and lost.

Nominations have recently closed for the Lulu Blooker Prize – the first literary award ceremony for blogs that have been turned into books.

Jill at Feministing writes about how a Chicago Judge was trying to make a rape victim watch a video of the rape during her cross examination at a defendants trial.

The Ninth Carnival of the Feminists was hosted last month by Mind the Gap, a Welsh group of feminist women. Lots and lots of interesting posts are included in their round up – much thought and plenty of reading. The March Carnival nominations close on March 5 and submissions can be made here


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