Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ryan Tubridy is a heterosexual

Ryan Tubridy is straight. This might not be an earth shattering fact for you over your coffee this morning. But Ryan seems to make a regular effort to indicate he is not gay – sort of backs to wall type jokes whenever there are mentions of homosexuality or things of a queer nature.

You know Ryan it’s not funny. Yesterday mornings sarcastic reference to Brokeback Mountain and whether you would be at the top of the queue to see it or not spoke volumes about your attitudes to gay people. I am sure you have loads of friends who are gay etc and I don’t need to hear about them. What I want to hear is you stopping making jokes about us or at our expense.

Thank you…

And yes maybe this has more to do with straight men and their attitudes to films like Brokeback Mountain. Oh get over yourselves. If you don’t like it grand…go and watch something else instead we don’t need to hear about how ‘not gay’ you are.

Update: On the mornings show Ryan seems to have been taken to task by other listeners on his comments. I will listen to it later and provide a transcript.

Update 2:

Ryan this morning read out two letters one pro Brokeback Mountain and one against it. One of the letters critiqued the movie and said that the gay community held the movie up as a trophy of some sort and are touch about it – which is an interesting point worthy of further. Ryan did not comment

In then moving on to introduce the Willie Nelson track 'Cowboys are frequently fond of each other' Ryan Said

Sometimes I feel I have to preface when I am going to crack a joke sometimes on the show, People find it hard to distinguish on occasion between humour and serious comment. So When I say that I going play Willie Nelson, a little taste of it, Willie Nelson wrote a song, I think back in the 80’s, we mentioned it a few weeks ago and it was released on Valentines Day.

It has been very well received and it’s a bit of fun it goes like this…..

And he played about half of the track and invited feedback.

Now I don’t think Ryan really gets why people have a problem with him joking about gay themed movies or songs. As it turns out people want the whole song played and it has gone down very well.

Ryan's jokes about gay things or his rapid claims that he is 'not like that' or 'that way inclined' on both his radio and tv shows are beginning to irritate – it’s not just me that is narked about it. He needs to see his heterosexual privilege and give up on the easy targets and if I hear the words 'PC gone mad' in relation to it then he really is not getting the point and does not know how childish he sounds.


At 15:06, Anonymous Sean R said...

Oh lordy, do I have to sort out the heterosexuals again?

Homophobia is an integral part in the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity so that (straight) men don't feel threatened and "normal" social roles for men are re/made secure - it's a well-established point in the literature on masculinities. Homophobic comments operate in increasingly subtle ways in late modernity but is, as you say, Maman Poulet, tiresome, but it is also about keeping heterosexual men straight. Tho' check how many married men frequent the park or the boilerhouse and you'll have to acknowledge there'a lot of ambivalence because men have more power than women to go all brokeback.

He should know better as a public figure. Some straight men who might have same-sex feelings (possibly bi-curious or the po-mo MSM category) or vulnerable gay men could be send back into the closet by unthinking remarks when we should encourage the breaking down of closet doors. We live with and live against categories but we don't need to re-stigmatize gay identities.

At 10:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See my tribute to Ryan at

At 22:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say that Ryan T is gay. It is his lack of acceptance of his own sexuality that leads his (what he considers) guilty mind to repeatedly reaffirm his hetro credentials. Ryan stop being gay and just be gay, its ok.

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