Monday, February 20, 2006

'Sphere Too small for blogging about sex?

EWI asks where the Irish sex bloggers are? As someone  who started off her blog reading by delving into sex blogs and blogs about sexuality, this area could be one of my Mastermind specialist subjects but for the past 6-8 months I have to say I have gone off the boil in my reading of sex blogs.  I was an avid reader of Belle de Jour and then she went and got a book deal. I still pop into Amorous Propensities which is an intelligent round up of stories and trends regarding sexuality (the blogger also writes another blog about his second hand bookstore and the second hand book trade which I find interesting!) Girl with a one track mind is a frequently nominated Best British Blog nominee and excellent writer.

Is it too easy to speculate that the dearth of  Irish sex blogs is due to the usual Irish problem? Everyone knows everyone and someone would find out sooner or later who they were and there would be lots of anxst and intrigue  in the comments sections and elsewhere. In terms of writing and the personal nature of blogging, blogs about sex and experiences of sexuality can be very moving and/or very funny, providing thought provoking reflections and stories and chronicling an aspect of life we would not hear about elsewhere.

I can hear the snorts from here from those who think this sort of thing should be kept in the bedroom. No-one asked us to read them but it’s interesting to think that they are out there and some of them have great things to say.

(PS. If you are an Irish blogger blogging about sex speak up in the comments (if you want to that is!)


At 22:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm posting my stories, and the odd Ask Auntie things (copying them over) and the odd random thoughts. But haven't really got round to considering myself a blogger yet, never mind a sex blogger ... there's an intersting thought.

I know you'll know who I am Maman, so I'm not going to bother being other than anonymous as I'm not quite ready for the added publicity either. Just taking my time. With me it's not a matter of being worried about people knowing who I am (anonymity went out the window within 3 months of being a regular forum poster) except from a point of view of what I write being worth publishing. I'm working my way through what's worth sharing, and what is idle literary wank and pretension.

At 23:27, Blogger Suzy said...

well Anon when you are ready let us know - think the Irish blogsphere needs you! x

At 23:44, Blogger Lazy Hazy said...

Okeydokey, from anon to Lazy Hazy, here I am:


At 11:41, Blogger United Irelander said...

Irish people don't have sex, that's why. :)


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