Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BBC and blogging

  • I am not sure how much coverage Paul Reynold’s (The BBC one not the RTE one) article on blogs has received in Irish outlets but I do think Roger Greene of Newstalk 106 should have a read.

  • A tip for insomniacs and mp3 downloaders – every Monday night/Tuesday morning – from about 2am, there is an excellent dip into blogging and podcasting by the people behind Up all Night. Up All Night is BBC Radio 5’s programme which focuses on news  from around the world as well as the UK. I have been listening to it for years. The feature on blogging and podcasting takes a look at how the weeks main issues are handled by bloggers and podcasters. There are also features on new blogging technology and general discussion of the genre.

You can read about the contents of each weeks slot here, and download the latest show to listen to here. Again important listening material for Roger and the team behind Newstalk’s Media Matters.


At 04:34, Blogger EWI said...

I think you mean fellow insomniacs, Suzy!

At 09:04, Blogger EWI said...

Having looked at that BBC article -

Another is called, simply enough, Biased BBC. One of its leading lights, Andrew Bowman, says that one of his major complaints is "the politically-correct institutional group-think (and sometimes plain ignorance) that comes across in a lot of the BBC's news and current affairs output."

He also opposes the compulsory licence fee that funds the BBC.

What we have here is one of 'em libertarian cultists devoting time to haranguing what's perceived to be the 'left-wing' BBC. Would the same character find fault in right-wing media? Would there be a condemnation of the "institutional group-think" in say, Fox News? No, there damned well wouldn't. This is just the next evolutionary step of astroturf.

At 10:31, Blogger Suzy said...

ewi, yeah fellow insomniacs, ok. Will we start a group blog? Not like I don't have enough blogs to contribute to?!

At 19:53, Blogger EWI said...

Not like I don't have enough blogs to contribute to?!

So, which blogs do you contribute to, then?


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