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Political eulogies are speeches which fascinate me. Having watched the funeral and celebration of the life of Rosa Parks last year I was already aware of the way in which many leaders/activists are remembered in funeral services in the USA - in particular those from African American communities and evangelical faiths. These memories often expound on the opinion of the deceased on the issues which affect their communities today. I have been to several funerals which were political events in the fact that those speaking chose the event to speak about a persons life and remark on the battles that they faced or controversies caused. In fact it was with the blessing of the friends and families that these remarks are often made.

There is controversy, nay outrage at the remarks of certain speakers at the funeral of Coretta Scott King yesterday which I did not have the opportunity to watch live online. I do not think that Mrs Scott King would have a problem at all with the remarks of those speakers. Interesting that GWB was present for some of the funeral. (and was he welcome at that of Rosa Parks? or too afraid to go so close to Katrina?) (It is ok to go to some of the event as it can often take all day to hold.)

MSNBC's Countdown has more footage of the speakers present and Reverend Joseph Lowery and President Jimmy Carter were not the only ones to put the life of Mrs. Scott King into prayer and political context and you can see the clips here thanks to Crooks and Liars. In particular I was moved by the presence and song of Maya Angelou and will search to see her eulogy in full online somewhere else today.

Update: Decoracy Now has a 24 minute report on the eulogies inlcuding Maya Angelou here


At 18:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's commentary on this over at FI Fie Foe Fum as well, Suzy.

At 11:35, Anonymous morgan said...

This is something else that I missed while away. The Democracy Now! video is extraordinarily good. Thanks for providing the link.


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