Monday, February 06, 2006

The Daily IRISH Mail

So the Irish Daily Mail or the Daily IRISH Mail hit the streets today. It looks just like Ireland on Sunday. ‘Get a new Mail in YOUR Life’ screams the headline banner. I get enough spam already thanks!

So I picked up my free copy – the only type of copy of this I will ever pick up. And thumbed through it. So Brenda Power – ‘the face of family values’, David Quinn ‘defying the consensus’ and Mary Ellen Synon ‘always controversial’ are amongst the Irish columnists. Joining them will be joy of joys, Richard Littlejohn, ‘Makes you laugh out loud’. Snort…..

You know impartial journalism and reporting will not be the standard that the Daily IRISH Mail will be adhering to. ‘With the writers who say what you think...not what you’re told to think’.  So then Mary, Brenda, David and Richard won’t be telling us what they think then? Not on your nelly….

So dying to see what David (Social Affairs Editor) Quinn was going to give us on our first day of the Daily IRISH Mail, I rushed to page 7. Here we go – Emily O’ Reilly is back going to Mass again.  ‘Why a former scourge of the Catholic Church is Attending Mass again. Emily calls for a return to God after ‘Ireland’s 10-year bender’

Now David is not really one for investigative journalism. I would contend that without the publication he previously edited, The Irish Catholic, and The Voice, David would be a bit stuck for copy. He gives us a rehash of the article that appeared in The Voice and also points us to the editorial where Emily is thanked for ‘helping frame the debate about the sort of society we want to be.’

Ah yes Emily who previously wrote books including The Masterminds of the Right has returned to the fold so that’s ok then. Maybe the right don’t exist – or maybe there are no masterminds anymore? Tune in to Maman Poulet to find out more and mind you don’t choke when you see the Daily IRISH Mail ad on the TV telling you about it’s love of family values.

Update: Twenty Major was fairly spot on in his predictions, Planet Potato, and Blog Snorkeller join in with a look at today’s edition.


At 10:09, Blogger Maurice Colgan said...

The "Daily Irish Mail" demonises Elvis Presley all this week after giving us a Free Elvis movie DVD last Saturday.

It's UK Edition Did the same just recently.

Ireland on Sunday gave us a free Elvis CD.

Brenda Power said on RTE1 Radio "Elvis fans Like Maurice Colgan find it hard to accept Elvis's mortality".

I was promised a right to reply by a day time editor. Back in 2002. I'm still waiting Brenda:-)Maurice.


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