Friday, February 03, 2006

Post of the week

There’s a new kind of black person that’s supposed not to complain about racism anymore because it’s considered un-American and a downer, who can comfortably be a warmonger, an enthusiastic capitalist at any price. In some contexts, to talk about racism these days is almost as rude as eating with your mouth open or farting in public. This new black person can easily vote for Bush, can talk about making money and not flinch about where the money comes from, can be gay and conservative, and can have contempt for other black people, calling them lazy and unwilling to work. He believes the only problem with our schools is black children unwilling to learn; she convinces herself that the reason for an economic crisis in America is poor people who aren’t willing to face reality and help themselves.

Max Gordon marks Black History Month in the US writing for his blog and Saipience Magazine, (an online magazine for black gay men) about the fact than many black people don’t think racism is a problem anymore  – It’s worth reading every syllable. (If you wish to read more of Max’s writing out check out his blog profile – he seems to open a new blog for each article? – I particularly like this article on Mary Cheney, outing and the word ‘lesbian’. )


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