Thursday, February 02, 2006

Smash Hits smashed

I am supposed to be on light house cleaning induced blogging but I could not let this go unremarked. Next week sees the publication of the last issue of Smash hits. The Guardian reports that changes in the needs and opinions of the discerning 11 to 14 year old girl readership mean that there were less tribal followings of the magazine which in the past has propped up sales. (East 17 versus Take That which side are you on - that sort of thing.)

Also advertising had changed with a lot less spend by drink and other 'unhealthy' consumables in these magazines. The role of mobile media and the internet is also a factor in the magazines demise. Possibly the demise of the single as a lot to do with its passing - didn't we buy Smash Hits to learn the words as well as ogle the pecs (and other body features) of our fave stars?

The Guardian neglects the significance of the magazines young gay male readership - which was considerable - hidden between the pages of Roy of the Rovers or something else.


At 16:38, Blogger F said...

Smash Hits is ending????'s the definitive publication of my teenage years (well, 12-15 at least...)

Boo hiss


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