Friday, January 27, 2006

Twenty Silk Cut (Purple)

Tonight (for one night only – well maybe) Maman Poulet brings you Twenty Silk Cut (Purple), smoking in smoking rooms in Dublin bars. Maman Poulet knows that she’s no Twenty Major so accept my apologies already. However it’s Friday, my body hurts, I have not had a decent nights sleep all week and I feel like a few rants.

  • ‘Wayne on suicide watch’ screams tonight’s headline in the Evening Herald. Of course he’s on suicide watch no thanks to the antics of the Herald, Sun, TV3, The Star and numerous other outlets this week. Mental Meanderings sums up perfectly on the role of the media in this affair.

  • Anyone else do the Euro Millions lottery tonight and then think ‘I hope to f**k I don’t win it?’ I so do not want the Dept of Social Welfare employees looking up my files during their coffee breaks.

  • Village Magazine now pays John Waters to write a column for him. (him was a typo but you know it fits so I’ll leave it there!)   Its bad enough reading him in the Irish Times each week but then we get Fintan O’Toole or Mary Raftery or Fionnuala O’Connor or someone else to ease the pain. But Village does not provide us with someone to read who is pro-woman, pro-family and pro-choice never mind someone to counter the subtle homophobia which emerges from Waters writings and appearances in recent years. Well I won’t be helping Village pay Waters wages until they hire another columnist and maybe if you are doing the same you can tell Vincent Browne.  

  • A headline on RTE’s website tonight made me snort tonight. ‘Tánaiste receives report on Neary's activities’.  Ah yes those ‘activities’ which included many un-necessary hysterectomies, lies and deception and the refusal of a caesarean and cancer treatment to a pregnant women with cancer in 1983 amongst other acts of butchery. (read a column by Fintan O’Toole posted by GUBU a few years ago.) So RTE sub-editor and others who use the word activities (maybe even the person who wrote the Government commissioned report who may use the word) these are not activities like playing golf, going for a swim or the like. Women’s lives have been ruined by this man, please pick another word.

  • Speaking of homophobes, Robbie Fowler has been signed by Liverpool FC on a free transfer. I suppose I should be grateful they did not pay any money for him. I would though suggest that Stevie Gerrard does not bring him out with himself and Peter Crouch on their next night out.

  • Finally what is it with smoking rooms in Dublin bars. Twice this week I have been in a pub that has had smoking accommodation which must be skating very close to the wind in terms of compliance with the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002. And I’d nearly prefer to be out shuffling in the cold because do you think I could enjoy the nicotine whilst I tried to figure out how the feck the pub owner got away with it?


At 10:13, Blogger Twenty Major said...

I'm not sure why Wayne Rooney would be suicidal. All that scandal is well behind him now.


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