Thursday, January 19, 2006

Final thoughts on a busy blogging day

  • Well I don’t know where Mary Lou or Gay Mitchell were during today’s votes, but they do not seem to have been present during the other votes held today either so not going to read much into it either.  Kathy Sinnott’s opposition was no surprise given the nature of the funding and support she received during her campaign from pro-life and other organisations.

  • It has been a very busy day on Maman Poulet today and thanks to those who emailed or commented on the updates I provided here and elsewhere. I must now pay tribute to Andy at Ukgaynews for his coverage of the debate and resolution. The proceedings at the European Parliament get so little coverage in the UK or Ireland and there has not been much coverage on the wires or MSM regarding the vote or debate. Maybe we will see in coming months more effects of both the resolution and the renewed motivation it will give the intergroup of MEP’s who work on LGBT issues.

  • Both Sicilian Notes and Realitycheckdotie have blogged about their opposition to the resolution and indeed legislation that protects lesbians and gay men and prevents what they term free speech.

  • TV3 had a report tonight on a ‘serial’ attacker of gay men in Dublin city centre. Two victims of the same attacker have come forward and required hospitalisation. The Gardai believe that there are probably more people out there who have been attacked by the man in question and are calling on them to come forward in complete confidence.


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