Saturday, January 21, 2006

Some F words

The Carnival of the feminists (Number 7) has taken place. Every few weeks I check in and it is a wonderful journey through feminist blog entries of the past month through a very wide variety of subjects. Each month a different blogger (this month it’s Lauren @ Feministe) takes the task of putting together the list from her own surfing and recommendations from other blog readers.

Posts that tickled me this month included Blakademic’s entry on the L word and how race is portrayed on the show through a white/other binary. Comments on the entry have also dwelt on the issue of male identified butches in lesbian culture. This is something that has been on my mind for the past year or more, in particular the way in which many butch women are now seen as male identified and as FTM and that the L Word and other media outlets are not presenting women identified butches. Now I know they have not all disappeared but it is interesting to see the way in which male language and identity has taken over a lot of butch discourse if one could call it that.

See this article on celebrating the Year of the Butch by Sarah Leavitt for further discussion (not mentioned in the Carnival but something I happened upon myself yesterday) and I will come back to this issue sometime soon. I am currently saving episodes of the L word series 3 for an L word night, I don’t like what I am hearing so far in the reviews I have read!

Also listed on the Carnival is a post by the Countess on how sex can prevent the common cold, not just any type of sex according to the Countess but ‘hot screeching monkey sex’.  This gem emerged from a Swiss scientists immunology research in case you were wondering.

And yes yes yes! (no I am not having hot screeching monkey sex!) But A post by the F word on the Observer’s Woman Magazine that launched last Sunday. What the feck are those editors thinking about launching such rubbish – glad to see I was not alone in despairing.  


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