Tuesday, January 31, 2006

David Quinn jumps ship

I heard about this a while back but had forgotten to note it. The Daily Mail will launch its Irish Version on February 6 with a speculated print run of 100,000. David Quinn joins the Associated Newspapers stable as the social affairs editor leaving the social and religious affairs correspondent portfolio he held for two years at the Irish Independent.

Given the losses faced by Ireland on Sunday in the past year, Associated Newspapers seem to have money to burn. An advertising campaign to run throughout the month of February is tipped to cost €1,000,000. Will the campaign be as nauseating as the new ads running on UK channels for the Daily Express?


At 06:57, Anonymous morgan said...

Social affairs? Does that mean that he'll be covering celebrity weddings?

(looks forward to the first celebrity civil partnership ceremony in the State)

Social affairs in the Mail is all opinion, no news, so he'll probably feel right at home.


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