Friday, February 03, 2006

Tenacious blogging

One of the wonders of blogging that I most enjoy is that one click and you are very far away or maybe very closeby in terms of enjoying and identifying and learning from a blog author. So today I clicked on Queerfilter (a lgbt blog aggregator) and clicked on a random link and ended up here.

One Tenacious Baby Mama blogs from Canada, the blog description reads
this is a critical, anti-oppression, anti-authoritarian, sex positive, Black conscious, queer, feminist pregnancy and birth blog from hell. a multi- faceted message in a bottle set adrift by a pregnant lefty prepped to birth a new future in plain sight.
Its great stuff, the picture wallpaper makes it hard to read. This post on the passing of Coretta Scott King caught my eye in particular.  I will be back to read more.


At 19:23, Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

One to be added to Gay-Agenda?

At 01:00, Blogger Suzy said...

Yes I think so - but maybe ask first?


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