Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rachel Allen's Smoked Salmon Paté

Several more visitors from UK based surfers googling for Rachel Allen ‘s smoked salmon paté recipe and one request later, here is the recipe!

Rachel Allen’s Smoked Salmon Paté (from Rachel’s Favourite Food for Friends, 2005 -  Gill and Macmillian)

This is a delicious paté that makes a little smoked salmon go a long way. Left-over scraps of smoked salmon are perfect for it, and it will keep for a week in the fridge, I love it  on crusty white of brown bread or crackers. It is also lovely served on little crostini for a party.

100g (4oz) good smoked salmon
50g (2oz) cream cheese
150g (6oz) crème fraiche
1 tbsp lemon juice
pepper, and tiny pinch of salt
1tsp chopped fennel – optional

In a food processor, whiz up the smoked salmon, then add the cream cheese and the créme fraiche. Empty into a bowl and fold in the lemon juice, salt (you might not need any), pepper and chopped fennel, if using.

NOTE: Sometimes I fry 50g (2oz) sliced or chopped smoked salmon in ½ tsp butter for 1 minute, till it is cooked; put it on a plate to cool. When it’s cool, I flake it up with a fork and fold it into the paté. This makes a really good, slightly rustic Smoked Salmon Paté.


At 15:21, Blogger Simon said...

its funny i got loads of hits for cheesecake recipes. but once i put my receipe up for chocolate orange and rum cheesecake the hits stoped. Very strange.

At 15:29, Blogger Suzy said...

Well my smoked salmon Rachel Allen hits are continuing and I am all warm and mushy thinking of all those brits who in the next few days will be tucking into smoked salmon pate thanks to me and Ireland answer to Nigella (not!)

At 16:51, Blogger Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks Suz...

I've been looking for a good recipie. Lord knows we don't have this in the States. (LOL)


At 23:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maman, have you ever tried the same recipe, changing only the smoked salmon for fresh mackerel ( cooked of course)- its scrumptious and really cheap especially if like me your a demon mackerel catcher!

At 23:41, Blogger Suzy said...

Well Anon you'll have to catch me a few mackerel then! No I have not tried the recipe, my posting of it here was mainly a public service for recipe searchers in need. I am not a fan of the book or the cooking per se but maybe I will be convinced sometime. But the 20 or so searches that have arrived at MP since Saturday obviously are in love with Rachel and her recipe!


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