Monday, February 06, 2006

Who's Free Speech is it anyway?

So the ‘Christians’ are all lining up saying that the cartoons should have been published and they are all in favour of free speech. Included in this group is John Waters who was on Eamon Dunphy’s programme on Newstalk 106 (mp3 available) this morning stating his Christian belief and background. In fact he says every Irish newspaper should publish the cartoons to support democracy and free speech.  

Oh I so look forward to the next gay kiss in Fair City or the next time a gay person appears on TV to talk about their life and the discrimination they face, and hearing that these Christian advocates stand up for our free speech too.  Susan Philips, a former Wicklow County Councillor and leading Church of Ireland social issues fundamentalist/rent a mouth is now a research student in UCD studying militant religions. However on Liveline today she rang in as an ordinary caller, Susan, with indications of her academic affiliations but not her personal involvement in the church. I would think this would be important information to give given she was criticising Islam.

More on the so called rise of Christianophobia and the calls for respect for Christians rights later.


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