Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And Michael is sure to have all the answers...

Last night or earlier this morning to be more exact, I was writing but had the TV on for company and noted what I thought was an ad for Ryanair. However as it went on I realised it was not any ad that Ryanair would put out if it did TV advertising. (But Michael would probably say that all publicity is good publicity) It seems that the Channel 4 Dispatches team have done it again - the promo for the programme is excellent in terms of the way it draws you in, try and catch it if you can.

From the Channel 4 website - Programme will air Monday 13th 20.00

A major undercover investigation into the way in which Ryanair, one of the largest and most successful low-cost airlines, operates. Two Dispatches reporters spent five months secretly filming the airline's training programme and onboard flights as members of the cabin crew. What they found may make you think twice about flying Ryanair again. The undercover footage reveals what takes place behind the scenes: security lapses, dirty aircrafts, pilots complaining about the hours they have to fly and exhausted cabin crew. The cynical staff attitudes towards passengers and their welfare are also unmasked in Ryanair: Caught Napping . Prod/ Dir: Karen Edwards; Exec Prod: Steve Boulton; Prod Co: Steve Boulton Productions


At 19:12, Blogger Flying High said...

As fellow cabin crew i am looking forward to watching that!!

At 22:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having spent the weekend of
Jan 28/29 in the company of
Ryanair I'll also be looking forward to the programme.

We had a nightmare trip to
Carcassonne in France. Neither outward nor return flights went near to the destination airport. We were dumped in Spain (Girona) and we had to pay for all the extra taxis, trains (x2), car hire, hotels, subsistence etc.
to get us to Carcassonne, and
then on to a rearranged return flight from Biarritz a day later than planned (and some 250 miles away and yet more expense from Carcassonne).

Try arriving by train at your own expense into Carcassonne station at 3am for a short weekend away...
The communication with the passengers was woeful - either no information or complete lies were the order of the day.

The very agressive response
(as usual) on their website
is typical and whoever suggested
that they publish the correspondence with Dispatches team on the Ryanair website has made a terrible mistake! Their dirty deeds have been recorded for all posterity now!

At 20:21, Blogger planetpotato said...

I'm hoping they interview Michael O'Leary, every time the meeja try to show Ryanair up he ends up making them look like chumps.

Everyone knows that Ryanair are not going to treat you like pampered children as we've become used to on planes, and occasionally they screw up in a big way. But then you pay 10 euros for your ticket.


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