Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Number crunching - how ailing are you?

Bertie needs a lesson in the language of disability – he talks about 'impairments' and 'ailments'. I don't have the flu Bertie. Is it too much to think about your Department and other government departments as the ones being disabled rather than focusing on the people within and how disabled they are and if there are enough of them there. (And this mini moan goes out to the political leaders who were asking the questions too)

Ah will wait for him to say how lucky we people with 'ailments' are to be working in government buildings and there are so many of us and some are blind, some are deaf and guess what some even use wheelchairs! He did not have the numbers to hand but it would have been fun to see how we are classified. I will put up the transcript later. (Thanks to Fiona for the tip off – have been watching him live online taking questions about the quota for civil servants with a disability.)


At 16:25, Blogger Simon said...

I remember once being told by a disability worker that dislexia is a ability not a disability. that really p**sed me off. Why do they all talk done to people.


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