Monday, February 06, 2006

Marital Harmony - Blogging style

Do Blogs break up marriages? Hmmm one of the points covered in Damien’s interview on the latest Ireland Digital Podcast about the Irish Blog Awards. Given my beloved does not know what a blog is I think I’m safe (for the moment anyway!) Oh and the Eurovision gets a mention too. No ‘You’re a Star’ voting with cars covered in Vote X Blog etc for the IBA’s yet then.    If blogging and politics come up in other interviews Damien might mention the forthcoming Irish Election Blog?


At 22:08, Anonymous Sean R said...

Jazus, maman poulet, it's not so bad to blog is it?

Are my civil partnership vows are gonna include 'do you spanky ham take thee Xander for richer, for poorer, in blog-reading or web-surfing...'? Surely, it's different strokes for different folks, and in marriage we all have our own space/ vices and blog-reading is another dimension ...

I admit that I get an occasional sceptical look from my partner when I mention how I read this or that on a blog today. (You've got me hooked Maman Poulet!) Boyf seems to think that I have too interesting a cyber-life for a poverty-stricken postgrad student. But I'm also a rugby widow now that the six nations is underway, so blogs are my friends precious until someone stops yelling at the television in a couple of weeks time.

So it's Maman Poulet and Towleroad, for this poof and 'Brian's boys' for my care-bear. There's room for y'all in this marriage!

And yes, Maman Poulet, I'm getting back to the thesis mam!

At 22:17, Blogger Suzy said...

Should I mention that I am off to see Ireland play Wales in the 6 nations womens' championship at the end of the month? (hee, hee!)

Waiting for the day you do your viva and join the blog world SR! For some of us those vows might be important...and don't forget mention the internet msg boards we read/manage!

At 22:35, Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

Sean, I was asked by a journalist today do blogs break up marriages which I thought a rather odd question and so it was discussed in the podcast.

Suzy, yes, I'll mention the Irish Election blog next time around.


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