Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cheney Questions

So the VP of the USA shoots someone - that person is in Intensive Care still but stable. It took 21 hours before anyone outside the group/White House knew about it. The story being asked by the MSM in the USA is why did it take so long and who is managing the story (and why)? Watch the White House Press Secretary, Scott McCelland take a few interesting questions and not really provide many answers. Crooks and Liars again has the footage.


At 02:39, Blogger Mark Dowling said...

While I had a good laugh at the Daily Show's take on the Veep, the "great cover up" story really has nothing in it. I mean, we're in instant communication mode, blackberry and all that, but I don't think Federal law covers how many hours pass before something like this is announced.

The circumstances of this shooting are far more interesting - no, not that it was at a lobbyist's ranch (well okay that too) but that they were shooting at farm raised quail at a range you drive into.

That's the real disgrace - and the reality of "hunting" in America. But until we get rid of coursing in Ireland we'd best keep our opinions to ourselves there - I'd prefer death by bb pellet than from dog teeth.


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