Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The ID Card Debate

Given the votes in the House of Commons on this issue tonight I wondered when the last big debate took place in Ireland on Identification Cards. Now I have not bothered to search yet but I am sure McDowell has spoken somewhere recently on his intentions in this regard. And of course if the UK are going to have them then we must to - parity of esteem, Good Friday Agreement (so can we have full civil partnership too please) and oh yes the 'War on Terrorism' - even if we are still a neutral country. (Did you hear the moustachio saying that when he announced our defence forces participation in the battlegroups - I choked a bit more than usual.)

Now I have participated in debates on ID cards and whether they are a good thing for nearly 20 years. I am still undecided. I believe that if they are introduced they should not be compulsory and one should not have to carry them with you at all times and I would have issues with the type of information kept on them. Thats just for starters.

So how do bloggers feel about it? (Oooh look the next blog debate!)


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