Wednesday, February 22, 2006

US Supreme Court starts getting busy

No you are reading Maman Poulet not Mental Meanderings. In its first religious freedom ruling under the Roberts era, the US Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a small South American religious sect could keep drinking a hallucinogenic tea as part of its religious observance.  The court also indicated it will consider the constitutionality of banning a type of late-term abortion – that did not take long did it?


At 09:47, Anonymous Sean R said...

Ah Maman Poulet, no bird flu on you!

The most contentious political issue in the USA is the a-word. Abortion is all the US Supreme Court is about really for the current US Administration, and the rush to make Roberts supreme court justice was not surprising. (Let's hope they're not taking their own "special religious tea" while deliberating on the right to choose. I think the tea is made with lingering hanging chad, a well-known ingredient of Floridian extraction). Hopefully Ruth Ginsberg and her supporters will prevail on this issue.

At 12:50, Blogger F said...

I think the partial-birth abortions legislation will be struck down as unconstitutional because there's no clause for the life and health of the mother and, under precedent, that's unconstitutional. Alito believes in precedent - I reckon we might be surprised by his allegiance to it.


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