Monday, February 20, 2006

O2 like to talk...until their coverage drops the call anyway

Ring Ring….(Nokia tune…)

Male: Hello is that Maman Poulet?

MP: Yes

Male: Hi MP, this is Lorcan from O2. I am ringing to tell you some good news that there is a reduction in the cost of text messages to 7.5cent per text.

MP: Uh huh

Lorcan: So that is a reduction from 12 or 13 cent to 7.5 percent and will save you about €5 a month.

MP: Well I am on a package with a set number of texts.

Lorcan: Yes Active 250.

MP: So why are you ringing me to tell me there is a reduction?

Lorcan: Oh we are just ringing to let you know it is cheaper.

Beep – call drops…

Lorcan does not ring back.

If anyone knows why O2 need to ring me to tell me texting got cheaper when I am signed up to a contract/package for at least the next 13 months and can’t get out of it please let me know. And Lorcan feel free to ring me back any time…


At 08:53, Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

They did the same to me. Fuckwits.


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