Monday, February 27, 2006

Sky News seeks out Brokeback Mountain

Ian Woods, Sky News US Correspondent, has been to Wyoming in search of gay cowboys.  He found some and he found a lot of homophobia too. ‘None of that sort of thing around here. Only in Hollywood .’ And anyway the film is only about sheppards not cowboys as there were no cattle involved!

Woods also reflects on Matthew Sheppard, the gay man from Wyoming viciously murdered in a homophobic attack eight years ago. The full video report is available here.


At 19:43, Anonymous Sean R said...

Howdy Maman!
The piece on Brokeback Mountain was quite good and linked the uneven emergence of gay intimate citizenship in rural America with the publicly available story about 'gay cowboys' and the persistence of homophobia. But what's with the journalist dressing up as a cowboy? Life's a drag, huh.


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