Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogs step up to be counted

Some of the blogging today has been outstanding in terms of reportage and photography. The Irish ‘sphere came of age today. The numbers of bloggers around with cameras was considerable. I could not possibly round up the blog coverage today – Auds has a very good summary of what is out there in terms of blogging.

Well done also to Newstalk for being a true Dublin station and providing information and advice and comment on what was happening and where. Sitting watching the Ireland vs. Wales Women’s 6 Nations Match in Donnybrook one could hear the constant stream of sirens heading for town from the Garda station opposite the ground. Turning on the radio on my mobile whilst watching the match Newstalk was the only station covering the ongoing situation.

Some thoughts and questions…..

  1. The Route
The Garden of Remembrance, past the GPO and on to the Dail? Ah lads were you having a laugh? And with Orange Marching Bands too?

And a length of route that would be impossible to police in terms of the breath of the streets. Lets not forget the building site which had bricks and shovels and other implements available. The fences were useless and bent over as easy as the foil container that contained my boiled rice for dinner tonight.

2. The Policing Levels

300 Gardai? Anti Globalisation protests get helicopters, water cannon and cancellation of police leave. Who ever thought going low key was the best way given the route to be taken (and the bands!) needs to answer some questions.

3. The divide and weaken concept.

When corralling rioters down the quays it would be a good idea to keep an eye on them and stop them getting over Capel Street bridge and up to storm Jervis Street Shopping Centre. All hell broke loose there and Newstalk was even there to report on it and on the Gardai’s late arrival on the scene.

4. Na Fianna Eireann – the youth wing of RSF

Is it a proscribed organisation yet – how much do we know about it?

5. Call off the 1916 commemoration now Bertie – it’ll look like some sort of victory parade.


At 08:14, Blogger -Ann said...

An excellent, logical summary, although I don't agree on the Easter parade. Did the Love Ulster people select the route and then the Gardi approved it? Is that how it works?

At 20:08, Blogger Suzy said...

Ann, the spin I have heard from the Love Ulster is that this route was ok with Gardai and that they wereopen to suggestions from Gardai on the route.

At 23:59, Blogger EWI said...

And with Orange Marching Bands too?

More to the point, Loyalist marching bands. What these fine upstanding protestors against paramilitary violence were doing in the company of such groups, is an intriguing question.


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