Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday's Pick and Mix

  • Comedian Dave Gorman is aiming to do for Flickr what Ricky Gervais did for podcast downloads in the UK. Well he's having fun with a Flickr account here and writes about it in today's Guardian here.

  • Just been for a cheap feed with a mate to a place I had not been to in at least 12 months. For €8.50 I got Tomato Bruchetta and a huge plate of freshly cooked Farfalle Contadina (farfalle with chicken in a creamy tomato sauce) followed by a cup of tea. Very tasty. This special lunch menu is served all afternoon and has 4 starters and 6 mains to choose from. Sometimes you get lunch ala microwave in a canteen manner but even then the food is very good. And the location of this cheap nosh? Steps of Rome, St. Andrews Lane. And the fact there are always a lot of Italian young people eating there is a good sign for me. This might be the start of a series on Maman Poulet - where can I get a decent two course lunch for under a tenner.

  • Rebecca Loos is not a lesbian, she just makes money talking about us and shags us occassionally. "I am bisexual... I do fancy some women, but only very occasionally... I'm very picky." Fair enough Rebecca but next time you are asked to talk about lesbian issues or sex with women you might defer to someone else? Save us from any more Power Lesbians on Sky One.


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