Monday, March 13, 2006

Blogging Skool

Last week That Girl posted about getting blogging workshops going and Damien created a wiki. I have failed on the wiki part so am just going to blog about my to do list/suggestions for blogging workshop curricula.  If you like me can’t work the wiki you can also post your questions here.

I am thinking about the writer/musing bloggers with some of my suggestions – those of use who don’t want to become MSCE certified – ok maybe an ECDL type of blogging course if we must have something to align it to. (ducks…no exams or certs or anything please!)

  • I need to sort out my blogroll – really I need to find an easy way of managing it.

  • I want to debate/learn about if having my own domain name and a different blogging software is worth it and will I just be bound up in endless techy stuff maintaining my blog. I currently use the MS word blogger tool to upload blog posts (unless there are pics/graphics) as it is easier for me due to my disabilities and also updating the post as I go along/spot the grammar mistakes works for me. (such a bad habit I know!)

  • Try as I have I want to learn about tagging – I have read some stuff on it but still am none the clearer.

  • A session on legalities/libel and blogging would be very useful.

  • And something about the onus of the blogger (I really like That Girl’s term Curator) – beyond the law – I suppose we are talking about blogging ethics.

  • Aggregators etc. I am fairly sorted on this but would think many newer bloggers would be keen to learn how to get others to read their blogs?


At 16:04, Blogger Editor said...

Depending on the time/date I think I could organise some kind of legal gubbins.

At 18:05, Blogger KnackeredKaz said...

Sounds like a good idea, but eeeek I'm really really really a technophobe. I still haven't mastered HTML and even putting pics up can be a disaster for me. I think I'll have to sit this one out and maybe someone can organise a really really beginners basic workshop. The libel aspect would be interesting though.

At 21:22, Anonymous morgan said...

They're a broad set of questions. The ethics one is interesting - really about using sound judgement about what to post about other people, particularly those not in the public domain.

The technical ones depend a little on blogger. Tags are just a way of logically indexing or categorising posts. Is it implementing them that you're learning about? I've seen a few people on Blogger use tags - I'll look and ask how they did it. Probably a plug-in of some sort.

At 22:39, Blogger straighttalker05 said...

The idea of a blogging community is certainly a good idea. Particularly the legal side of it. I know slugger o'toole in particular has a mammoth task to prevent law suits being waged against it.

At 00:18, Blogger Suzy said...

Knackeredkaz: I think whatever is arrived at will suit people of all stages - people might be able to drop in and out of what they wish to get? Not wishing to create a headache for the organisers but you should post on the wiki or damiens post about what you would like to learn!

Morgan: I think i need to think more about whether i wish to stay with blogger (it has been kind to me so far) or go to my own domain and use something else if it is easier and if it suits my needs in terms of my vision and also my spatial/text consumption (dyspraxia) issues (finding the best assistive blogging technology) as well as being attractive for others to read.

Hi Straighttalker05 - I found your blog last week and its really excellent (reminds self to blogroll you) I heard Mick from Slugger talk about those issues on the Last Word last week. He ws mainly talking in terms of commenters etc. I think? But anyway when I think about my own attitudes to libel/copyright/ethics I know they are a bit all over the place with regards to my writing/ranting. I would like to have some sort of benchmark that I could use to remind myself by.

At 02:10, Anonymous morgan said...

Going to your own domain is great if you want more control over your blog's appearance and features, and your own domain.

I guess you know the downside in terms of domain registration and hosting fees. If you like, I could probably set something up for you with WordPress in my domain to let you have a look around the interface.

At 14:02, Blogger Omaniblog said...

Thanks for that list. I think I am even lower tech than you, maybe a bit like kaz.
I had a look at the wiki site and wondered how to begin to put up questions. I was too tired to keep on looking. So I'm hoping someone will set up a service that will knock on my door (from 12 to 2 please), and come to give me my one to one lesson.
I'd have a mixture of technical (20 questions) and P questions (political, presentational, personal)


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