Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why wouldn't you piggyback at these rip off prices?

I rarely use wifi when I am out and about except to see if I can get online via someone’s unsecured connection.

A criminal offence in several parts of the US it seems -  what’s the story in  Ireland? I leave mine open for others to use. Tim Lee writes about the issue of hopping on someone elses bandwidth in the New York Times – I don’t remember reading about these issues (apart from the security stuff) this side of the pond?

Anyway back to the rip-off, today I asked about wifi access in the Insomnia Café on Mayor Street (IFSC territory)
BT Openzone are the provider and its €10 for one hours access? You must be joking!!! Even Eircon provides it for about 60% of that for using one of their hotspots.  

I declined and went and ate my thai chicken sambo and read the Guardian.  


At 19:09, Anonymous Simon McGarr said...

See my old post
"Is warchalking illegal" for the details of how using someone else's bandwidth could be illegal, depending on what you thought they thougt of it at the time.

At 18:59, Anonymous James said...

BT Openzone is expensive. If you are interesting in trying out the service, you can get promotional vouchers for £5. These vouchers are valid for 30 days and 4,000 minutes of connectivity.



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