Friday, March 24, 2006

Corruptions and Election blogging

This week was profiled in the Irish Times, (and the site had a great redesign!) and yesterday Gavin’s excellent made it into a Dáil speech with a mention by Ciaran Cuffe.

One need only glance at the website to see many of the counties throughout Ireland being named and the individual acts of councillors who are performing rezonings for all the wrong reasons today.

Ciaran is a blogging TD. A rare species! And it appears he writes it himself, rarer still! Well if we thought 2005 was busy for blogging in Ireland, what will 2006 bring?


At 03:10, Blogger Simon said...

woohoo I think the next big thing needed to rise blogs is to break a story. Which will be very difficult.

glad you like the design. should be tip top soon. It doesn't like people with small mointers that much


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