Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday's web stop offs

Josh Marshall lets rip at the MSM’s habit of taking stories from blogs and passing them off as their own.

Mike from Troubled Diva is planning his stag night. I wonder could Dublin survive a visit? And of course its home to so many Eurovision memories!!!

Empire State View blogs about Ryan Tubridy’s arrogance. (

Fiona got to see Condi speak and taken to task by Sandra Day O’Connor and Judge Rosalyn Higgins.

Condi is coming to the UK it seems and is getting the cultural trip (to Blackburn!). And she recently had a round of Golf with Michelle Wie. Wie regards Rice as a role model – another reason not to be enamoured by Wie.  (Lucky that Rice’s golfing outing was not with Annika Sorenstam or Fiona would have had to choose!!!)

Ms. Wie it seems is going to try making the cut again in a PGA event this summer.

Anyone interested in blogging the Ryder Cup by the way?? I am going to be there for some of the melee it seems. Where are all the Irish Golf bloggers?  In fact if anyone would like to hire me as a Ryder Cup blogger I would consider any offers (especially if a golf cart for the weekend (with dashing driver) was a way of recompense!)


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