Friday, April 07, 2006

Podcasting Friday #2

So it’s Friday and that means an update on Podcasting Friday.

Firstly I succumbed and bought an mp3 player last weekend. It’s the Creative Zen Nano if you’re interested and is really good apart from the earphones which are a bit big.

On to the podcasts, well apart from a few that I listened to through the PC which I mentioned last week, I am now downloading daily instalments of Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, The Gay Parenting Show, The Ian Dempsey Show (Gift Grub in particular) and Woman’s Hour from BBC Radio 4. I also found the first episode of the Ouch Podcast, the BBC Disability podcast - with a tagline that says ‘You’re so special, we’ve made a podcast for you!’. A very irreverent look at disability and culture and the first episode tears strips off the Paralympics in a manner which most able bodied people won’t get at all but had me chuckling away.

But my favourite thing from this week of listening has been Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. I have watched many episodes and clips before from but to be able to download the show each day has been heavenly. I have to admit that I am in love with Amy’s voice – its knowledgeable and authoritative and also quite calming even when discussing the most difficult of subjects. (I have quite a thing for voices of which I should blog about again.)

The software has been easy to use and my bus journeys are heavenly!

However as I get into listening to podcasts I find out that I might be very alone amongst online households. In the USA research has indicated that only 1 percent of online households are listening in.

But I’m enjoying it and might even get into podsafe music whatever that is for next weeks update!


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