Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Searching for Maman's

Red Mum’s post about the guy who emailed her following a search for ‘Mum’s in bed’ which led to her blog reminded me that I have not yet got round to posting about the various searches that lead readers to Maman Poulet.

I get a lot of searches for the term ‘Maman Sex’ or ‘Sex Maman’. But in order of popularity the leading search terms which lead readers to MP are…

  1. Rachel Allen (On a Saturday Morning following the showing of her programme on the BBC I get lots of searches from the UK and the Benelux region – you’d think I was her number 1 fan or something!)

  2. Ryan Tubridy (fairly international searches, UK, Germany, Ireland Brussels, USA)

  3. Daily IRISH Mail (there is no website presence for articles in the paper so it seems people end up here – however many of the visitors are from Associated Newspapers, the Publishers. Hi lads and lassies!)

  4. Brenda Power

  5. Ryanair Dispatches

  6. Damien Needs (now I don’t have a clue what this is about but they end up here because of this post )

  7. And in the past 10 Days I have had a lot of googlers for Finola Kennedy arriving here.


At 14:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect no-one in some groups ever even thought of who Finola Kennedy was/is until some of us probed a bit


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